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July 29 – August 1, 2024

Chicago, IL
At the ADLM Expo

Free DxPx Registration for Associated Companies and Yourself

Your portfolio companies can gain visibility among
other investors! When they submit an application to
42plus1, we’ve got their DxPx registration covered.


Opportunity Scouting as an Active Online 42plus1 Juror

Receive exclusive access to our 42plus1 submission database to spot the next big investment opportunity while supporting startups with your ratings.

Special Discounts for Companies that you want to meet at DxPx

Preferred partners receive special discount codes for companies in their deal flow. Share your codes with your prospects so that they can more easily meet you at DxPx.

Secure Your Complimentary Spot at The 1st Annual Late Stage Forum

To book your spot, please email Mirko Stange at m.stange@silversky-ls.com
with the subject line: Late Stage Forum at DxPx EU 2023.

Explore the agenda:

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