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The Team behind DxPx

Behind every great idea there is also a great team. If you have specific questions, you are also welcome to contact us individually.
Mirkco Stange

Mirko Stange

DxPx Initiator & CEO

Lena Ehrenpreis

Lena Ehrenpreis

DxPx & 42PLUS1 Initiator

Jessica Stolzenberg​

Jessica Stolzenberg

Project Management

Anna Pfeifferling

Jacqueline Soldan

Event & Marketing Management

Anna Pfeifferling

Anna Pfeifferling

Marketing Management

no picture yet

Katharina Wallmann

Marketing Assistant

no picture yet

Salah Ait Mokhtar

Creative Art Director

Nghia Truong​

Nghia Truong

Graphic Design

Karen Hung​

Karen Hung

China Market Expert

Michelle Fizyczak ​

Michelle Fizyczak