DxPx is a World Series of Industry & Investor Partnering Conferences.
We focus on Diagnostics, Digital Health,
Precision Medicine & Life Science Tools.

The founders of DxPx are all startup entrepreneurs and former industry executives.
This conference was born to fill a gap. To answer a need. To help you change the future of our industries.
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One-to-One Meetings with Investors, C-level Executives and renowned Industry Speakers await!

Promoting startups and growth companies is the heart and soul of DxPx.

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With the gaining importance of diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine and life science tools there is a need for a dedicated platform to bring together the relevant stakeholders
and further drive our industries. 


On November 16th, 2021, parallel to MEDICA, the World Forum for Medicine, the DxPx Conference will bring together startups and growth companies as well as established industry companies and investors to a diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine and life science tools partnering conference.

The DxPx Conference Series:

The paramount importance of diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine and life science tools, dictate the need for a dedicated platform. DxPx brings together the relevant stakeholders
and further drives our industries.
DxPx is hosted as an annual international partnering conference to facilitate licensing, financing, co-development and M&A opportunities and celebrates great success and fast growth.

At a Glance:

Date: November 16th, 2021.
Place: Düsseldorf.
Open for: Start-Ups, Growth Companies,
established industry companies and investors
Online: 8 days digital partnering Nov 12th – 20th, 2021
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Network & Grow:

"Being a part of a Start-Up
is like trying to build a bike, while riding it."

You know that, we know that, and "smart people" know that:
You have to learn from the mistakes of others.

We are here to help.

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