DxPx Innovation Pavilion.

Our Innovation pavilion offers startups the possibility to showcase their company. At our US conferences we also offer dedicated networking in the pavilion area for growth stage companies to meet with private equity funds. Applications for this networking are evaluated throughout the year.

A great way to present your company to investors and partners.

We offer a limited number of exhibition booths directly in the partnering area and main  reception area.

Startups: Exhibition opportunity in the heart of DxPx

Package price: 499

Some of our previous exhibitors:

Life Science Tools

Label-free biosensoring directly from crude samples

lino Biotech is the world´s only provider of Focal Molography – an entirely new method for measuring molecular interactions in living cells or crude biological samples. The broadly patented technology offers label-free detection assays while eliminating signal disturbances due to temperature changes or non-specific binding.

Dr. Mirko Stange
Mirko Stange, CEO

Life Science Tools

Accessible technology, global impact

Our platform will bring instant diagnostics to every corner of the world. It will not only be able to improve the lives of millions of people, but also create a global monitoring system to provide insight into the spread of infectious diseases, generate valuable data, and act as an early warning system for the world.
Eva Rennen
Eva Rennen,
Co-Founder & COO


Gain visibility among investors

Effective marketing of your companies USPs and investment opportunity. Positioned in the main lobby and partnering area, our booth help you to promote your message.

Your hub for meetings

In dependent of your one-to-one meeting itinerary, you have a personal hub to meet investors and partners at the booth.
exhibition booth

Marketing at the best

Use your booth to attract partners who you may have missed in the partnering and share information material of you company.
dxpx usa breakfast

You are grown but we still offer you startup benefits.

„At DxPx US only”

You’re are a small- & midcap company with at least
1 Mio. US revenues – and on your way to become one of the new industry leaders? We make it easy for you and still grant you reduced startup tickets to attend DxPx.

Private equity & growth company partnering breakfast

At DxPx US we host a dedicated breakfast to feature a limited number of pre-selected growth companies to private equity funds. We strive for a one-to-one ratio of executives and investors. Number of participants is limited and participating growth companies are selected by leading investors and business experts.

Private equity & growth company partnering breakfast
Private equity & growth company partnering breakfast

Benefits from this partnering breakfast: