Bringing Your DxPx Experience To The US

Panel 1 - Going public in the diagnostics, precision medicine and life science tools industry -Are SPACs boom or bust?

We will be addressing IPOs and the importance of SPACs in the diagnostics, precision medicine and life science tool industry.

Panel 2 - How can precision medicine become the future for novel cancer treatment?

Cancer still remains one of the largest health problems in our modern world and claims countless lives every year. With all the new therapies launching we finally have a shot at combatting this disease. We’re excited to hear different views on precision medicine as the future of novel cancer!

Panel 3 - How to overcome regulatory and reimbursement hurdles for digital diagnostic companies in the US?

Regulatory affairs and reimbursement remain the most challenging activities for (digital) diagnostics companies. This panel focuses on smart solutions and key deliverables in overcoming this hurdle.

Panel 4 - Using AI for medical diagnostics – What is new on the horizon?

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way disease outbreaks are tracked and managed, helping medical practitioners and saving lives.” The COVID-19 pandemic has made this clearer more than ever and investment in this field has risen to new heights. In our fourth panel we’re talking about the lessons learned and how the diagnostic industry can move forward with this trend.

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