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Medtech and Healthtech Company presentations

We don’t sell company presentation slots. But…

…we provide them free of charge if you are selected as one of the 8 finalists of the 42plus1 startup pitch competition. Pitching will maximize your exposure to the 100+ registered life science investors and strategic partners focused on your industry. And offer you a chance of up to 2 Mio US for the winners of 42plus1.

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Previous jury members.

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investor bernd goergen

Bernd Goergen


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investor rainer christine

Rainer Christine


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Wouter Meuleman


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Tom Miller

Founder & Partner

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Sebastian Stamm


McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Tobias Silberzahn


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Douwe Jippes


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Sascha Fritz

Investment Principal

Die Techniker TK
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Dr. Jens Baas

Founder & CEO

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Dr. Mirko Stange

Dr. Mirko Stange

Initator of DxPx

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Dirk Voelkel

Vice President

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André Zimmermann


Previous winners.


Esya employs proprietary DNA nanoprobes and artificial intelligence for intracellular analysis to identify Alzheimer’s Disease before symptoms manifest.

Origin, developed by FluidAI, enables real-time tracking of anastomotic leaks through the use of sensors and AI algorithms that identify alterations in fluid properties at the surgical site, promptly notifying medical professionals for timely intervention.

Toku Eyes has developed a versatile AI platform that processes retinal images to deliver immediate healthcare diagnostics, tailored prognoses, and overall health risk evaluations, targeting the prevention of blindness and assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Our dedication lies in revolutionizing blood sugar monitoring to enhance the well-being of individuals with diabetes, and eventually, aid in the prevention of the condition for others.

A biotechnology firm provides innovative, high-throughput nano-organization solutions for cellular and tissue research, expediting R&D processes in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic (PFC) sectors.

Dermagnostix leads the way in developing molecular diagnostics to enhance clinical procedures and elevate the quality of life for patients.


Fertigo enhances IVF treatment success rates through continuous, real-time in-vivo monitoring that assesses a patient’s uterine receptivity for implantation.

mk2 Biotechnologies specializes in the development, production, and study of peptides through a groundbreaking synthesis method. This pioneering approach enables the scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of high-purity peptides for a wide array of applications.

Preomics enables clients in the life science sector to uncover biological knowledge through reliable, efficient solutions and workflows that define the standard for protein analysis. Their team’s passion, commitment, and creativity emphasize a focus on quality. As a trusted partner, they boast a wealth of scientific experience.


Sleepiz, a certified medical device producer based in Switzerland and an offshoot of ETH Zurich, has been dedicated to creating contactless medical instruments for assessing sleep and respiratory disorders since 2018.

FastFinder is a smart software solution that monitors your samples throughout the process, minimizes manual tasks, guarantees consistent assay analysis, and significantly reduces data analysis time by at least 50%.