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What is the DxPx Marketeers Club?

The DxPx conferences series is all about helping startups to find the right investors and industry partners. Visibility on social media is key for this – and yet, marketing in the life science community remains a challenge. Here, we present a free platform to address this challenge.

The Idea

“I like your post and you like mine” – benefiting from complimentary networks to boost engagement, ranking and reach.

The Deal

Open for life science focused marketeers only. Open to sharing networks and advice to make each members work more effective.

The Club

By Invitation-only. Free. Apply to become a member of our club Please provide some information about your work and challenges for which you seek help.

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Nothing happens out of love in the business world but if we join together we can achieve more than ever before.

Whats in for you?

Our Idea

Are you facing the challenge that your content does not reach the people you´re aiming for? Are your posts not widely seen and liked because you´re still building up your own community/followers? Why not help each other out by building a platform where all members can regularly post their recent social media activities so that the others can easily go through all posts and support with a like and/or comment. One of the simplest things for all of us but with the potential of a big impact on building up our brand awareness.

Important topics or questions and advices about used tools or hacks shall be shared as well.

More Clicks 75%
More Likes 84%
More reach 98%
More sales 66%

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We foster an active community of entrepreneurs and will review every submission to make sure that we all have a joint interest in bringing innovations to market. Please submit your application and we get back to you shortly.

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We have chosen Telegram to avoid unnecessary cost and because it has a smooth
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Marketeers Club Team

Lena Ehrenpreis

CEO innoviva GmbH

Dr. Mirko Stange

lino Biotech AG

Anna Pfeifferling

Marketing Management

Salah Ait Mokhtar

Creative Art Director

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