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Guidelines „DxPx Marketeers Club”

The DxPx Marketeers Club is a community website and consists of a group of dedicated active members that all are active in the life science market. The main reason why we are all here is to help each other rank higher in the search engines, and Social Media Networks and share practical tips (“best practice sharing”) to more effectively market and sell products to researcher and healthcare professionals.


Best practice sharing Guideline

To share tips and ideas for more effectively market to researchers and healthcare professionals, the members have the option to propose topics for webinars that the initiators of the Marketeers Club will review, select and subsequently host and market the webinar with the opportunity of Q&A sessions. The plan is to host one webinar each months


Community engagement Guideline

The procedure for to help each other on LinkedIn and potentially other social media platforms is simple:

  1. Copy a link to a life science related post to our messenger platform
  2. When you do, please like the posts from other members that were posted previously.



The whole procedure has a time limit of seconds or a few minutes depending on the number of post that were submitted from the member group but will boost your social media reach. We recommend that you reservice a few minutes a week and go through all posts and like, share or repost.


Website & Posting Guidelines

Members must only post life science related topics. They are not allowed to post xxx, racist, or other generally inappropriate content. Doing so will lead to an exclusion from the website. Members who do take a few minutes to like other members content over several weeks or months may also be excluded as we are all here to support each other.

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