DxPx builds first international Diagnostics Partnering Conference together with MEDICA

Dusseldorf to become globally leading fair location for Diagnostics and Research Tool Industry Startups, corporates and investors from 20 countries already registered

DUSSELDORF, Germany – DxPx Conference, the first international partnering conference for the Diagnostics and Research Tool Industry, has a new strong partner: MEDICA organized by Messe Düsseldorf Group. The international fair company not only organizes the world’s largest medical tradeshow MEDICA but another 13 healthcare events under the international MEDIC Alliance brand, and will now also support DxPx, organized by Silversky LifeScience, to make Dusseldorf a leading business location for diagnostics and research applications. “The MEDICA/DxPx cooperation strengthens the Dusseldorf event venue and creates added business value for our clients”, says Christian Grosser, Deputy Director Global Portfolio Health & Medical Technologies of Messe Düsseldorf. “Every year, on the first day of the MEDICA, exhibitors and visitors with a special interest in diagnostics can now initiate partnering talks in the framework of DxPx Conference to continue their business negotiations on the fairgrounds on the following MEDICA trade days and gather new exhibitor innovation information.”

“With DxPx we address established companies, startups and investors”, says Dr. Mirko Stange, DxPx initiator. “Our partnership with MEDICA also makes DxPx very interesting for participants from Asia and the US.” Partnership with MEDICA adds more convenience and efficiency. All DxPx participants automatically receive a free MEDICA ticket.

Other DxPx Conference sponsors, besides MEDICA, are Roche Diagnostics, Sonic Healthcare’s Bioscientia, business intelligence specialist Research Analytica, Pillar Biosciences, Medicover, and the leading European Hightech Start-up Investor Fund. Talks with additional renowned sponsors are ongoing.

“We have a special offer for startups”, says Dr. Mirko Stange. “In addition to receiving free MEDICA tickets, startups can also send us their short business plan to apply for a free exhibitor booth and one of 15 presenter slots to explain their ideas and products to an international audience.” A jury of sponsors and industry experts will select the presenting startups. Interested startups can upload their business plan at www.dxpx-conference.com.

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