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Plenary Sessions

Investment Insights.

Sessions comprise a short series of expert 15 minute presentations by invited senior industry executives on a hot Dx topic, followed by chaired open plenary discussions.

DxPx 2020 focus is investment.

Learn from active family offices, VCs, PEs and strategic investors on Diagnostics and Research Tools investment trends.

Critical for market acceptance, sales, and healthcare progress.

Morning sessions are dedicated to Family offices and business angels who discuss their investment strategy, followed up by VC's who share their focus and needs in companies. Afternoon sessions reveal chances and risks of partnering with larger players as well as challenges and trends of the industry.

Let’s advance development of successful investment strategies for Dx companies together!

  • Learn more about this complex issue
  • Share current information
  • Debate approaches

Speaker Panels Schedule.

Speaker Panels 2019.

Meet our speakers.

Meet our expert speakers on reimbursement!
Should you be interested in contributing as a speaker or panellist on either EU or USA reimbursement, please contact us!

Dr. Michael Wilke, Inspiring Health

Learn more about Dr. Michael Wilke at the website of Inspiring Health GmbH

Alexander Lang, Roche Dx

Learn more about Alexander Lang at his LinkedIn account

Gang Song, Pillar Biosciences & Partner ORI Capital

Learn more about Gang Song at the website of Pillar Biosciences

Daniel Parera, TVM Capital International

Learn more about Daniel Parera at the website of TVM Capital International

Dr. Jan Groen, Novigenix SA

Learn more about Dr. Jan Groen at his LinkedIn account

Mayur Saxena, PhD, Droice Labs

Learn more about Mayur Saxena at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Anne Postulka, Cepheid

Learn more about Dr. Anne Postulka at her LinkedIn account

Dr. Kai Joachimsen, Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V.

Learn more about Dr. Kai Joachimsen at his LinkedIn account

Dennis Cole, Techniker Krankenversicherung

Learn more about Dennis Cole at his LinkedIn account

Paul W. Radensky, M.D. McDermott, Will & Emery LLP

Learn more about Paul W. Radensky at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Bernd Goergen, High-Tech Gründerfonds

Learn more about Dr. Bernd Goergen at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Robert G. Feldmann, CS Ventures

Learn more about Dr. Robert G. Feldmann at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Kristian Koch, Medicover

Learn more about Dr. Krisitan Koch at his LinkedIn account

Tobias Faupel, High-Tech Gründerfonds

Learn more about Tobias Faupel at his LinkedIn account

Jay Z. Zhang, Suhlen Biotech Co. Ltd. & China Jiliang University Law School

Learn more about Jay Z. Zhang at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Hendrik Borucki, Bioscientia

Learn more about Dr. Hendrik Borucki at the website of Bioscientia

Carman Kobza, LadyBWell

Learn more about Carman Kobza at the website of LadyBWell

Andreas Schmidt, Proteona

Learn more about Andreas Schmidt at the website of Proteona

Sascha Alilovic, SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH

Learn more about Sascha Alilovic at his LinkedIn account

Jonas Schöndube, cytena GmbH

Learn more about Jonas Schöndube at his LinkedIn account

Daniel Nothelfer, Danaher Life Science

Learn more about Daniel Nothelfer at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Babette Güldenpfennig, Roche Dx

Learn more about Babette Güldenpfennig at his LinkedIn account

Chris Myatt

Learn more about Chris Myatt at his LinkedIn account

Michael Rossbach

Learn more about Michael Rossbach at his LinkedIn account

Dr. Rüdiger Herrmann

Learn more about Dr. Rüdiger Herrmann at his LinkedIn account

Could you be a DxPx speaker?

Do you have expertise in investment strategy? Are you interested in participating as a DxPx speaker? Great, please contact us!