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The mantra of successful business today is 'Understanding, acting flexibly and recognising trends and opportunities'. Diagnostics companies, like everyone else, have to follow this principle more than ever if they want to be successful on the market in the long term, because customers today have broad access to information and a solid overview of the competition. It is therefore essential to focus the company on the customer and his needs. Keywords here are 'Lean Management' or 'Agile Project Management'. If the latter is chosen, then 'Scrum' could be used as a method in the area of application, one of the best known and most popular agile methods at present, which, in addition to its main focus on the customer, contains

Christian Grosser from MEDICA-TradeFair talks about the advantages of participating in both conferences, the #dxpx2019 and #medica2019 on Nov 18th 2019 in Duesseldorf. Why Christian Grosser and MEDICA supports DxPx as sponsor and why #startups investors and industry partners from #diagnostics, #AI-/diagnostics, #digitalhealth and #researchtools should not miss the chance to join. Register until Aug 15th and save up to 520 EUR: https://lnkd.in/dEjz26Y #lifesciences #partnering #artificialintelligence #healthcare #diagnosticindustry #medica #dx https://youtu.be/B4FUntXHQo0

In their search for investment, young digital health startups must not only rely on their network capabilities, which they usually build and expand on digital health conferences such as the DxPx, which specializes in effective partnering, MeetUps, Makerspaces, FabLabs or in locations selected for their specific industry, such as co-working spaces, cafes or bars. It is also worth taking a look at funding through consortia. Basically, there are two different funding instruments: Direct Grants (Calls for Proposals) and Joint Actions (Procurement). The former go directly to the company being promoted as a project grant, while the latter represent co-financing with member state authorities, i.e. the procurement measures for the promotion are provided by at least two public clients and awarded

The future is the present. Digitalization, known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, has long since catapulted the field of modern diagnostics into the next age. Automated laboratory systems, such as Kiestra, have transformed the original work flow in microbiology and, by facilitating decisions, have created greater flexibility and productivity, maximizing laboratory performance. Automation, collection and transport systems such as those offered by Copan have conquered the market segment of bacteriological laboratory automation and increased the quality of microbiological assays. Sample processing, incubation, imaging, bacterial culture separation algorithms and colony selection have been automated. Developments that are dedicated to early patient care - one of the highest goals of diagnostics, which thanks to the digital transformation of the diagnostic industry also reduces

Establishing a startup and getting rich through the financial 'exit' is a romantic story that remains persistently in the public eye. Again and again the media and also former founders report about the big success. The reality is often quite different, because the scaling of a start-up up to the exit means hard work and a lot of time – the price of liberty. The real entrepreneurial spirit, however, accepts this. Although many of them don't want to admit it, most of these thoroughbred entrepreneurs can hardly wait to leave their current start-up and build a new and better one with the next big idea. The exit is therefore the desired goal - with a profit, of course. In order to

A startup alone does not bring success. They live from publicity and the corresponding resonance. This makes it all the more important to become part of the scene or community. That sounds easier than it is, because socializing also needs to be learned. For this, there are different formats that bring together different characters - for mutual exchange, inspiration and new alliances. Where do I meet StartUps? Localities If you want to meet founders in a relaxed environment and get to know them better, cafés, bars or restaurants are the right places. There are various locations in the centres of the start-up scene. You can find the hottest places in Berlin, for example around Torstraße, also because most of the heads of the

Today – in the digital age – marketing takes place on many different levels. As early as 2011, 74% of all pharmaceutical companies used social media and thus assumed a pioneering position in the global market. As this area transforms rapidly, nowadays there are diverse instruments on the German market, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and even less often WeChat, which is essential for the Chinese market. The Namics Social Media Radar (2019) provides information on the frequency with which individual social media channels are used in the LifeScience sector, with Twitter being the most successful platform, followed by YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, which is underlined with similar results of the C3i Healthcare Connections Report (2016). Background of the digital change emerging in all industries is the fact of net visibility on these channels which is much more far-reaching and efficient: They are the gateway to