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It is well known that most startups never make it beyond their first years in business. But when founders bond their startups to a larger, more stable company that needs - and benefits from - what the start-up offers, start-ups can increase their chances of long-term success. The reason? Companies can give a start-up stable revenues. When a large company works with a start-up, the result should theoretically be a win-win situation. The problem with this is that only 45 percent of companies actually do start-ups, and those who do often don't know how to do it right. But even start-ups can be hesitant when it comes to partnerships with large companies. As industry experts like to say, giant companies are

Running a business in the digital age is associated with high costs and risks. Today, mechanical work is automated under this scepter, creative work areas are preserved. Against this background, smart organizational structures and processes, which inevitably have flat hierarchies, are indispensable in order to guarantee long-term preservation on the market and to reduce costs and risks. Companies with steep hierarchies usually find it more difficult to optimize processes and innovate because too many instances and regulations interfere with flexibility. Companies with flat hierarchies, on the other hand, can adapt more quickly to permanently changing market conditions. There are various instruments that help companies to operate particularly efficiently and increase their own competitiveness. One of them is 'Lean Management'. The Lean

Emailing – a great technology but unsuitable for business networking? The problem is: if you email to info@ addresses you do not know the person behind an email for sure. Growing your business and a network can be hard. Meet investors - meet real people at DxPx Conference in Düsseldorf! Be part of the international partnering event for diagnostics, digital health and research tool industry. Due to COVID-19 and the current uncertain situation, we have made the transformation to a hybrid event this year, i.e. having a digital and physical coverage, by creating the opportunity to have digital one-to-one meetings, a live broadcast of our investment-oriented panels and a virtual exhibition. We also offer our international guests the opportunity to convert their

Strategic Planning Before Next Virus Pandemic Outbreak Appears

Preamble: Pandemic is not common to listen and even many professionals in this field are either not aware of it or only come to know once pandemic situations arise. Many pathogens may be responsible for pandemic outbreaks, but so far bacteria (Yersinia pestis causes bubonic plaque) and viruses (Influenza causes respiratory diseases) are founding pathogen that triggered many Pandemics outbreaks in the past and now. To have a more suitable preparation for possible future pandemics, we need to review the outbreaks of 1900-2020 including ongoing COVID-19 which may have resulted possibly due to our lack of pre-planning. The emphasis in this blog is given on viral pandemic outbreaks and their future planning to reduce health and socio-economic burdens. The winter season remains most favorable for pandemic evolving viruses to trigger infectious outbreaks. Each year, Digital Pharma-Diagnostics partnering platform between companies, industries, investors, regulatory affairs, data protection and academic technology transfers needed to prepare better before the next pandemic occurs. 

Is DxPx2020 a strategic forum preparing to discuss new insights on and the correct diagnosis and management of Novel Coronavirus? DxPx management team’s tireless dedication and fascinating role in Partnering We receive inquiries from our former DxPx2019 and prospective participants if,apart from other diseases in the upcoming DxPx2020, we can prioritize expert discussions on the diagnosis and management of Novel Coronavirus and our response is YES. Therefore, our conference management, together with our scientific experts, offers insights into the Novel Coronavirus, which has become a global health and economic burden.DxPx2020 will play an instrumental role instrategic partnerships and investment opportunities between diagnostic growth companies, manufacturing industries and investors, where participants will explore their potentials. DxPx2020 is a deal-oriented meeting in parallel to MEDICA2020 in the beautiful city Dusseldorf.

The DxPx conference is not just another digital health conference but rather a Partnering event for investors and Startups interested in Diagnostics, Digital Diagnostics, and LifeScience Research tools. Networking events like this offer the ideal space to expand the market knowledge and trend awareness of all participants. For investors, the balance between the two is of great importance, because the success of their investments is measured by the demand of end users under the premise of future-conscious forecasts. Against this background, the mutual 'seeing and being seen' at networking events not only expands the respective horizons of the participants in the LifeScience sector, but also actively shapes the market, which is defined by its players. Conferences and other industry events

The Indian diagnostics market holds a wide range of different segments, is rapidly growing and very price-sensitive. Various types of product solutions find space to flourish and expand, especially if they are user-oriented, i.e. affordable and usable, have a good user experience and are of high quality. Also, aspects like accessibility, distribution, storage or local conditions like extreme weather conditions need to be considered depending on the product. International LifeSience companies have good chances to enter the market but their technologies might have to be modified to really fit the Indian end-users needs and local framework mentioned above. To find out about those conditions (user) research is the main core but as many companies and startups don’t have time to