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The DxPx conference is not just another digital health conference but rather a Partnering event for investors and Startups interested in Diagnostics, Digital Diagnostics, and LifeScience Research tools. Networking events like this offer the ideal space to expand the market knowledge and trend awareness of all participants. For investors, the balance between the two is of great importance, because the success of their investments is measured by the demand of end users under the premise of future-conscious forecasts. Against this background, the mutual 'seeing and being seen' at networking events not only expands the respective horizons of the participants in the LifeScience sector, but also actively shapes the market, which is defined by its players. Conferences and other industry events

It is well known that most startups never make it beyond their first years in business. But when founders bond their startups to a larger, more stable company that needs - and benefits from - what the startup offers, startups can increase their chances of long-term success. The reason? Companies can give a startup stable revenues. When a large company works with a start-up, the result should theoretically be a win-win situation. The problem with this is that only 45 percent of companies actually do startups, and those who do often don't know how to do it right. But even start-ups can be hesitant when it comes to partnerships with large companies. As industry experts like to say, giant companies are

The Indian diagnostics market holds a wide range of different segments, is rapidly growing and very price-sensitive. Various types of product solutions find space to flourish and expand, especially if they are user-oriented, i.e. affordable and usable, have a good user experience and are of high quality. Also, aspects like accessibility, distribution, storage or local conditions like extreme weather conditions need to be considered depending on the product. International LifeSience companies have good chances to enter the market but their technologies might have to be modified to really fit the Indian end-users needs and local framework mentioned above. To find out about those conditions (user) research is the main core but as many companies and startups don’t have time to

The mantra of successful business today is 'Understanding, acting flexibly and recognising trends and opportunities'. Diagnostics companies, like everyone else, have to follow this principle more than ever if they want to be successful on the market in the long term, because customers today have broad access to information and a solid overview of the competition. It is therefore essential to focus the company on the customer and his needs. Keywords here are 'Lean Management' or 'Agile Project Management'. If the latter is chosen, then 'Scrum' could be used as a method in the area of application, one of the best known and most popular agile methods at present, which, in addition to its main focus on the customer, contains

Running a business in the digital age is associated with high costs and risks. Today, mechanical work is automated under this scepter, creative work areas are preserved. Against this background, smart organizational structures and processes, which inevitably have flat hierarchies, are indispensable in order to guarantee long-term preservation on the market and to reduce costs and risks. Companies with steep hierarchies usually find it more difficult to optimize processes and innovate because too many instances and regulations interfere with flexibility. Companies with flat hierarchies, on the other hand, can adapt more quickly to permanently changing market conditions. There are various instruments that help companies to operate particularly efficiently and increase their own competitiveness. One of them is 'Lean Management'.   The Lean

Christian Grosser from MEDICA-TradeFair talks about the advantages of participating in both conferences, the #dxpx2019 and #medica2019 on Nov 18th 2019 in Duesseldorf. Why Christian Grosser and MEDICA supports DxPx as sponsor and why #startups investors and industry partners from #diagnostics, #AI-/diagnostics, #digitalhealth and #researchtools should not miss the chance to join. Register until Aug 15th and save up to 520 EUR: #lifesciences #partnering #artificialintelligence #healthcare #diagnosticindustry #medica #dx

Emailing – a great technology but unsuitable for business networking? The problem is: if you email to info@ addresses you do not know the person behind an email for sure. Growing your business and a network can be hard. Meet investors - meet real people at DxPx Conference in Düsseldorf! Be part of the international partnering event for diagnostics, digital health and research tool industry. When? 18th November 2019 Where? Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf Join us now: