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  /  Articles posted by Dr. Intakhab Alam

Strategic Planning Before Next Virus Pandemic Outbreak Appears

Preamble: Pandemic is not common to listen and even many professionals in this field are either not aware of it or only come to know once pandemic situations arise. Many pathogens may be responsible for pandemic outbreaks, but so far bacteria (Yersinia pestis causes bubonic plaque) and viruses (Influenza causes respiratory diseases) are founding pathogen that triggered many Pandemics outbreaks in the past and now. To have a more suitable preparation for possible future pandemics, we need to review the outbreaks of 1900-2020 including ongoing COVID-19 which may have resulted possibly due to our lack of pre-planning. The emphasis in this blog is given on viral pandemic outbreaks and their future planning to reduce health and socio-economic burdens. The winter season remains most favorable for pandemic evolving viruses to trigger infectious outbreaks. Each year, Digital Pharma-Diagnostics partnering platform between companies, industries, investors, regulatory affairs, data protection and academic technology transfers needed to prepare better before the next pandemic occurs.