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DxPx Organizer

SilverSky LifeSciences.

SilverSky LifeSciences founder Dr. Mirko Stange's team comprises entrepreneurs and executives with extensive experience across the biotech, medtech and pharma fields. With years of hands-on commercial and life sciences research expertise, SilverSky successfully helps build, finance and drive life science companies, focusing on diagnostics. The team recognized the lack of a forum to get Dx stakeholders together and so the idea for a partnering conference just for diagnostics companies was conceived. With the advance of digital diagnostics, personalised medicine and companion diagnostics, networking for diagnostic companies has never been more important.

DxPx Team.

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Dr. Mirko Stange
Organizer DxPx Conference

Thyll Dammer

Dr. Anne Thews
Senior DxPx Industry Expert

Anke Fröhlich
China Practice Expert