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Is DxPx2020 a strategic forum preparing to discuss new insights on and the correct diagnosis and management of Novel Coronavirus? DxPx management team’s tireless dedication and fascinating role in Partnering We receive inquiries from our former DxPx2019 and prospective participants if,apart from other diseases in the upcoming DxPx2020, we can prioritize expert discussions on the diagnosis and management of Novel Coronavirus and our response is YES. Therefore, our conference management, together with our scientific experts, offers insights into the Novel Coronavirus, which has become a global health and economic burden.DxPx2020 will play an instrumental role instrategic partnerships and investment opportunities between diagnostic growth companies, manufacturing industries and investors, where participants will explore their potentials. DxPx2020 is a deal-oriented meeting in parallel to MEDICA2020 in the beautiful city Dusseldorf.